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Advanced eBook Inscriber 1.0

A simple tool to inscribe and personalize your Microsoft Reader e-books (See all)

Advanced eBook Inscriber is a simple tool to inscribe .LIT (Microsoft Reader) e-books easily and effectively. The added text is typically the name of the person the book is intended to, and will appear in the presentation page of the e-book, together with the title and the author.

There are two main reasons that make having the reader’s name inscribed in an e-book an interesting feature. The first one has to do with security, as it adds an extra layer of security to the existing DRM solution, thus helping to avoid illegal distribution of a protected title. Advanced eBook Inscriber works only with “Sealed” LIT books, which are already protected against any kind of manipulation of the content of the book. (“Owner Exclusive eBooks” are already inscribed, and they can only be opened and read by the person they were sent to.) Once inscribed, the e-book remains sealed, and though the file can be copied as many times as wished, all the copies will have the name of the original recipient on its title page. This information can be used to identify the person responsible for the first distribution of the book. The second reason deals mainly with e-commerce strategy – you can use Advanced eBook Inscriber to personalize the e-books you send as gifts to you best clients!

Either way, this tool makes inscribing your LIT e-books a child’s play. Once the book has been loaded you will be presented with basic information concerning the book, including its DRM mode (only DRM2 (Sealed) e-books are supported). You just have to write your message in the box provided and click on “Inscribe”. You can save the inscribed e-book as a copy of the original or you can overwrite the original file - just remember that the inscribed text cannot be deleted, so it is advisable that you keep the original file intact. Note also that the program will always place the word “To” before your text, assuming that the first words of your message are the name of the intended reader. Regrettably, this cannot be changed.

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  • Simple interface for a clear and straightforward functionality
  • Allows you to protect your e-books
  • Lets you personalize your gifts


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